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Bump...Price drop...$525! Includes paypal, and shipping. Cheers.
Thanks for the heads up! I'll follow protocall...bump with Price drop....$575 includes Paypal and 2nd shipping in Cont US! WhooHoo!
Bump for these beauties!
I know these are an odd size and it's more limniting to sell them thn say a size US10. So I will take offeres as well, since I am looking to move them. Cheers
I hear ya on that one! By that I mean the holidays. I also see shoe trees makes a bit more sense, instead of a tree made of shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arkolm I'm curious, have have you worn them only one day? Do they not fit you well? They fit just fine, and were very comfortable, as I remember it. However, I have never had the occasion to wear such nice shoes since my wedding in late August and now, being unemployed for several months, funds seem more important than beautiful shoes. I like the tree shoe joke. Good one. English is not my first language so...
Hello there Gentleman. I have for sale an mint pair of Dark Cognac Italian Polish F Last Vass in EU45.5 (12US) with tree shoes, bags and box. I am the original owner of this pair and ordered them to wear at my wedding, which I did, one day, and then returned them to the box promptly. These they have sat ever sense, needing love but getting none. So now somebody please, love them they way they deserve to be. I bought these direct from Tom. The box is a bit worse for...
PM sent
Hey...I think I recognize those rims. Thanks so much Manton. That gives me important info. Cheers!
bump, one more time.
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