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Does anyone own the Vanson Lenny varsity jacket? I am thinking about buying it but am afraid the Large will be a little small through the shoulders. I am 6'1" and about 210lbs. I have broad shoulders and need a 44/46 in a fuller cut suit jacket but wear a 34/36 in pants. I wear an Italian 58 in Prada suits for the shoulders and upper arms but the body is huge and many slim fit jackets that you would find in Barneys Co-op for instance do not fit. The measurements of the...
does anyone know what the rb23 waist measures in a 32"? I tried on a pair in Nordstroms and can not remember if they were a 31" or 32".
I have been trying to find Spurr Cashmere jeans. I searched this forum but didnt come up with anything. I think I read about them at Anyway does anybody know where I can find them online or in NYC? And any opinions on them?
I have just bought a pair and was wondering if I should treat them like raw selvage denim and try to avoid washing them for 6 months.
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