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Hyr Collective Oxford Added. Holla Ppl!
Quote: Originally Posted by Unrefinery The ones you got are considerably less vulgar than the ones you want. Keep 'em and count your blessings, man. youre from harlem. i gotta be flea ya dig?
lol price drop for bins
Polo Ralph Lauren 100% Linen Shawl Size: S, but fits anywhere between a small and medium Price: BIN is 170, open to offers, but it should be around the BIN Double RL (RRL) Western Shirt Size: XS, fits like an XS would. Price: BIN is 40. Patrick Ervell Alpaca Sweater FW/08 Size: S, but fits anywhere between small and medium Price: BIN is 160, open to offers, but it should be around the BIN HYR Collective (Inventory Mag) x Gitman Bros Red Oxford Size: S Price: BIN...
What I want: What I got: I think it's simple enough. If you really want to buy em off me, shoot me a PM, but I highly doubt I want to just sell these, I'm really looking for the shades.
Offer: $190 USD + 3%. (Extremely firm, and cheap as hell. Retail was 450+) No trades. Edit: If you have a blackberry 9700 with rogers, bell, telus... We might be able to work something out.
price cut on all the clothing btw
Ya sorry guys, I really don't have a decent camera, but what I can guarantee is the actual clothes are basically DS, all those pieces were only worn like twice. Both CPs are sold, only the sperrys are left btw. THanks
I will let all this go for 230 USD + 3% pp fees All White Courts: 60 USD + 3% pp fee Desert Boots: 130 USD + 3% pp fee BoO Sperry: 70 USD + 3% pp fee Wings + Horns Tiger Fleece Hoodie M 135 USD + 3% PP Nom de Guerre Bomber Jacket M 120 USD + 3% PP Patrick Ervell FW08 Alpaca Knit 280 USD + 3% PP Only negotiable price would be the Ervell knit, rest is firm.
JACKET DOWN to 150! Last price drop, don't miss this chance, it's a beautiful flight jacket
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