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Agree, I'd be interested in the Regent vs. Milano fit as well.
What's the length measurement from the bottom of collar down to the bottom of the jacket on the back? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by jmoody15 Any idea if they're doing 30% off the 2-for deals this time? Looking to get a couple of suits, but not really worth it unless the sale is on top of the 2-for prices. Then I might get a couple of suits and some pants I don't think it is on top of the 2-for deal; I asked about that during the sale back in April and they said no, but it couldn't hurt to ask again. I believe that's also the reason why they...
Price dropped again
Around $200 max...
I have a Belstaff Tourist trophy that may work for your size:
Price dropped
Not sure how much interest this will get, but for sale: a new without tags Belstaff Tourist Trophy Jacket, in Black. The size is small; however someone who typically wears a medium may be able to wear this jacket comfortably (see measurements below). This is an awesome jacket and looks fantastic. It is made of 10 oz, heavy-duty antique waxed cotton, and has a nice tartan lining on this inside (see pictures). It is the same as the one listed here, which sells for...
These are great. Out of curiousity, what did #4 go for?
If you like Moules frites, go to any one of the Leon's chains in Paris (there are a ton). They are awesome, I highly recommend them. (Yes, they are a chain, but their mussels are delicious). Ripaille -- cozy little restaurant with great fish dishes 69 Rue Dames 75017 Paris A little more expensive, but Cafe de Flore or Les Deux Magots in Saint-Germain des Pres. Go for lunch, it'll be cheaper, and the people watching is a great way to spend an afternoon (or evening).
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