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Some very gently used accessories from various makers. They've been sitting idly in the closet for a long time, so you may wish to press them to get out the folds; otherwise, there are no flaws or defects observed. From the first picture: 1) Panta caramel cashmere herringbone tie, untipped and lightly lined - $50 shipped in CONUS 3.5" front blade 58" length 2) Zegna navy silk twill-weave tie, tipped in navy silk and lined - $45 shipped in CONUS 3.5" front blade 58"...
While on the subject of tight trousers..
It's a rather flat attempt at snark. I guess you missed the punch line ('Their retail price is only an opening bid.').
#1 BBBF OCBD Shirt, Size 0 - $35 shipped in CONUS For your consideration is a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece shirt in size 0, in gently worn condition. It features a soft-rolling, non-fused, button-down collar; mitered, single-button cuffs; and genuine mother-of-pearl buttons. In the interest of full disclosure, there is an area of very slight discoloration along the inner neck band, which can be seen in picture below. Otherwise, the shirt is free of defect: no loose...
For sale is a lovely Macclesfield silk twill tie made by Cappelli. The tie features a self-tipped, three-fold construction. The dimensions are 3.5" wide (9cm) x 59" (150cm). The protective plastic slip and original box, of course, are included with the sale. Feel free to PM me with any additional questions about the item. The listed price includes USPS Priority shipping fees within the continental US; however, I also can ship abroad - PM for details and a shipping quote.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label by Caruso: Borrelli: And not to turn this into the amateur buttonhole sewer's thread, but Jeffreyd's blog post and rs232's pictures above inspired me to try to sew an asola lucida. Here are my first three attempts: Forgive the sloppiness around the bar tack, I'm still learning!
Another creepy eBay listing for a Burberry trench:
Mohair is historically linked with Asia Minor, not South Asia. The word "mohair" is derived from the Arabic mukhayyar and "Angora" (goat) references the Ankara region.
#1 Bamford & Sons Brown Silk Knit Tie - $35 shipped in CONUS Front blade width: 2.5" Length: 58" Condition: never worn #2 Bamford & Sons Burgundy Silk Knit Tie - $25 shipped in CONUS Front blade width: 3" Length: 59" Condition: gently worn; slight dark spot near dimple, which does not show up on photographs Pictures: I endeavor to ship within one business day after receipt of payment. Packages will be shipped via USPS First Class mail with tracking....
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