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not sure if you're still around but I'll take a pair of the tassles in 9.5 if still avail.PMd
I"d prefer brand new at SF approved pricing of course Very lightly used may work if I can't find new. 9.5D preferred, possibly 10D. Ideally I could buy both from 1 (US based) seller. Also happy to consider C&J core offerings like the Harvard, Cavendish, etc in 8.5-9UK/9.5-10DUS. Apparently I missed out on the fire sale of these some time ago and am left loaferless. Help me!
IC for now. I've had this bag in storage for quite awhile and though I really dig it, I just cant justify using it as my bag whoring has gotten a bit out of control lately. Yes, it’s an epidemic for some men too. Currently discontinued but IMHO, the nicest laptop bag that TUMI has ever put out from a design, material and functionality perspective. See specs in the link below. I’ve never actually carried it and it still has all it’s tags but there’s some light shop wear...
the rider scotch grain are tits.
some nice lookin' trees
:head scratch:We're talking about a 10D vs 10.5E.=Huge difference.
It's a pretty huge difference.I'd bite if they we're 10D as well.
4/11: I had these posted in MC but they're pretty sw&d lookin'...It's still in MC and I don't ever post here so lmk if I'm breaking some forum rules. Alfred Sargent Hannover in Walnut Grain Calf, 9UK, 10D US on the 87 Last Got these on SF and they just don't fit me all that well. I'd say they're relatively TTS but with a high instep which doesn't work for me. Very mildly used as seen in the pics. Includes Box & bags Selling for my cost: $250 PLUS actual shipping which...
BOOM 2 months after delivery of my suede tassel loafers, some trees, other accessories, just got an f'ing bill from fedex for ~$25 I've done a LOT of int'l transactions and this is the very first time. I'm in CA, btw. I'm not paying it...they can lick my sack.
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