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Still working in the EU: 20% off + express shipping priced as standard
+33 = 116,989 Yes, I have a looong way ahead of me...
^^ How's the quality like on that jacket?
Wow! Thank you very much
I don't know if I'm in the best place to post this, but can any of you help me find out who makes this pair of boots -- or at least something similar?
Thanks for the insight.Yes, I too read the bezel is what makes people stay away from this watch -- I personally don't mind: I was actually looking for something "less sporty" than a sub-like watch/bezel, yet a bit dressier than the standard pilot/explorer type.As far as the size I actually prefer it this small since I have a small wrist (~6/6.5") and anything bigger than 39mm looks to big to my (untrained) eye.I gather it might get tricky to sell it though, which is...
I find very little information and feedback re: sin 6033. I quite like its style, but I'd also like to hear some comments from people who already own it. [[SPOILER]] It's marketed as a dual time zone (the inner bezel is adjustable), the movement is a ETA 2893-A2, and the size is on the smaller side with a 34mm case -- probably the reason so few have direct experience?
$60 for international orders killed my enthusiasm... "Muricans" grab everything you can before it's too late
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