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Brunello needs to be at least 12.5%. And yes, lately (2004 onwards) it's been a great time for brunello!I'm curious what are some of the producers available in the us, is there any of those I listed?
Thanks everyone for your input! I can reciprocate with with some info about wine -- today: Brunello di Montalcino. DOCG Grapes: Sangiovese 100% ABV: 12.5% Brunello is produced in a very small region ~40 km south of Siena from Sangiovese grapes exclusively; actually, grapes growing in that region are different (bigger, fuller) from other Sangiovese grapes used to produce i.e. Chianti. It's one of the most expensive Italian wines and, together with Barolo, one of those...
Good to know! I'm far from enjoying vodka, and know nothing about it, but some people seem to like the taste so I'd like to have a bottle handy. Any recommendations for a decent one?
I never tried skyy vodka. Is it any good?
If you happen to know some brand producing decent leather jackets with a good quality/price ratio please let me know
Our Legacy 1970s wash
How's the quality like on woolovers?
come on, we're on sf... [[SPOILER]]
Everything will sell out quickly!
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