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^^ Great fit on those pants
On second thought, I would probably be fine with her using her mouth
Would fucking HIT provided she KEEPS her MOUTH SHUT
Ol (shirt is ethnic print, but it came out too dark sorry) mmm cp
Is it wrong that I like this?
Is there any particular reason for a flannel fastened around the waist?
Ahaha didn't notice it at first!
(Properly speaking) nigh-life only happens thu-sat. Taxis are expensive, more so at night. If you don't own a car, I believe your best bet is to look for a place very close to the city center (might as well be IN the cc, but it gets more expensive), take public transport (if available) to/from work, and move in the cc by foot/bike.
Does anyone have experience with how is their denim (jeans) and how do they fit (i.e measurements)?
Pretty much this + store them horizontally so the wine soaks the cork, preventing it to dry out and letting air pass through it.
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