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YOOX15(At least in EU)
Which ones for casual wear? or
What are these?
+28 = 5,731
Yoox provides the ecommerce platform to many designer boutiques, but it has nothing to do with codes working on yoox.com or thecorner.com -- they're a different store altogether
[[SPOILER]] These are a beauty! Congrats!
+26 = 4,518
Again, thanks a lot for your valuable insights. As for my question re your do-it-all watch, I was looking forward to your opinion and, why not, also some recommendations as alternatives. Dino, thanks for pointing out the correct information! And yes, the RO is truly stunning, but unfortunately out of my budget. Aleksandr, that Oyster perpetual looks very similar (identical to my untrained eye?) to the Explorer. Apart from the change in colors, what should make me lean...
Damn, the explorer is beautiful, too. What is your opinion of white dial vs black dial? I guess white is considered more dressy whereas black has more of a sporty vibe?
Thanks everyone for your advice, much appreciated!As for budget, I wouldn't move that far away from what a aqua terra costs -- consider my very first intention, as a naive watch outsider, was to reach for something nice enough in the 1k range (sinn for example), but reading these pages is, as someone correctly said, a first step to want more and more watches of different kinds.The RO,however beautiful, still remains out of my league. I also think I'd need to learn...
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