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^I appreciate your link to that book. Will most likely purchase it.
sweet thanks. probably dip in and pick up a few of those. Almost stole one from the school library when I was in 4th grade.
sounds like me, except for a few factoids on another note: Anyone have a link to great space age/atomic age art? I used to be obsessed with "The world of the future" type of housing, vehicles, and rocketships. Trying to reconnect to that part of my past.stuff like this: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/45-vintage-space-age-illustrations/
I will miss the look of the old store I suppose. I twas very well lit but also claustrophobic when you get into the clothing racks. Can not lie that I am surprised that he appreciates the new MMM, as I do too. It just seems that most would rather hate constantly then understand what they team (or Diesel if you will) are putting out.
This upcoming Spring/Summer season reminds me of Anime/Videogame characters in all the right way. I urge others to watch "Seamless" if they have not. The whole film is about the CFDA but Plokhov was one of the contestants and his arc is much more interesting then most of the others besides maybe Doo.Ri.
I spoke with a buyer for Assembly at some party after the runway (not related) and he spoke to me about the upcoming season. Pretty much expect them to carry a lot more Geller these coming seasons as they are going more to that direction of product.
Had a Chrysler with a similar battery position. Was a total chore to get to.
A jacket shares the same print on its back that the vest has on the front. Geller said he moved some production, mainly the leather to Italy now. So we can probably expect a price increase there :/
oh wow that is something special. Any shops pick up the long plaid tunic or the contrast cuff waxed denim so far?
I tried over and over to repair a zipper on a pair of gypsy pants from back then too. Zippers were hell back then.
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