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So is anyone planning on checking the Phillip Lim sample sale this Thursday and Friday?
Haha I remember buying the studded ones from a few seasons ago. I can fit another glove inside of them.
Would frame on wall though
I wouldn't even have went over $200 even if it was signed by the whole design team and Tim Blanks
The focus and the Fusion.I would throw Dodge into the ring as improving their design over these past few years. Everytime I see a Dart in person I am impressed and I still love the Challenger
there is the streetstyle/sartorialist threads over in mens clothing. comments along make that one a worthwhile read.
^I appreciate your link to that book. Will most likely purchase it.
sweet thanks. probably dip in and pick up a few of those. Almost stole one from the school library when I was in 4th grade.
sounds like me, except for a few factoids on another note: Anyone have a link to great space age/atomic age art? I used to be obsessed with "The world of the future" type of housing, vehicles, and rocketships. Trying to reconnect to that part of my past.stuff like this: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/45-vintage-space-age-illustrations/
I will miss the look of the old store I suppose. I twas very well lit but also claustrophobic when you get into the clothing racks. Can not lie that I am surprised that he appreciates the new MMM, as I do too. It just seems that most would rather hate constantly then understand what they team (or Diesel if you will) are putting out.
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