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*looks up to the heavens* Why have you abandoned me!! But he looks good in it. Shoe tastes are on the opposite end of what I like though...
The dog shit bikes aren't around anymore? damn
How much were the hats? Really curious here
SAMPLE SALE: If anyone goes and picks up some caps, I might buy a few off of you. Just cut my hair and found out that I don't fit any of the hats I have...
Wow a Japanese stocklist that doesn't even stock 44. What is the world coming too?
^^ lilac gypsy trousers from f/w10
Got to work to find out I was outbidded on yahoo Japan. Day ruined.
didn't know the chelseas were mixed between patent and non-patent leather. Time to dip in.
I need to get a new e34 to drive around. Mine ran into some "complications".
Really more shops should embrace a pre-order model. Being a 44(hitting the gym to hit 46) makes it bullshit when it comes to drops. I have given up until it hits Yahoo! honestly.To answer your question: long buttons ups are recent but it has become a sorta staple like the sweats. at least I feel.
New Posts  All Forums: