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I kind of like the pocket placement on the HL's better. Wasn't a fan of the fabrics Plokhov used for the first season though so I never revisited the brand.
Beige boots are best boots. With that said. Don't buy them so I can get my funds together.
They are so hard to pull off. Height and the issue of thick legs.
i passed on it early. don't know if i need any more Geller jewelry.
Wish that was in my size. I only really buy two colors now; strange blues and grays.
52? shit I wish it was a 44. best leather, best color
psyched on those black models
Don't know if I said this already in the thread but I really want the hat this season. I kind of wanted the hat from last season too but I don't know when I would have wore it.
I call it Jun Jay too. Don't like it any other way.
Not much in Maryland besides UTZ and this strange Ravens inspired dump crab dust on everything brand. The Utz kettle would be good if the chips weren't so sharp. Cut up my mouth on those.
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