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Loved how Robert said "Holy Grail". Should have had a hand motion to go along with it. I agree with Geller when he mentioned the store IF(maybe should be italicized); really a good in-person experience. Always like going in there myself even if the store is way outside of my budget. You said you were going for two final questions but only really asked about the Hooded Bomber. WHAT ABOUT THE GYPSY TROUSERS BRUH BRUH!!! PS. You did a great job.
This turtleneck is so meow
Wahhh! Had to ask Dominik to describe it to me.
i supposed to go but am not sure anymore. hit me up friday if you want it...
That backyard room setup is pretty sick. Also the size of those rooms, whoa!
Those backpacks are not bad at all.
Geller on Skillshare Get yo sketches on!
nasty in the US or Maryland at least the traps don't activate till you are 12mph over the posted speed limit.
Bomber is cheaper than I thought and omg that cropped. Rock Howard flashbacks and i am loving it.
yo the first look and that phillip lim coat is so strong. lots of good shit in that post to be honest.
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