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^2 08 or before. Would say it came from F/W07 presentation that is like impossible to find.
I remember!!!!!!
No, not my thing at all. Then again I don like like hoodies at all. Only have that neoprene one from COS.
Yeah been eying (or dehumanizing stare) the gray leather for a while. Now if only I land in a grand of expendable income.
Calm down. Leave them on
:teach:I have been looking for old Geller jewelry for a while. Found a few good pieces here and a few that made me cry when I lost the bids.
Furry Overcoat Plaid tall button-up Chelsea Roll-neck sweater with the red graphic Light slash tee (good pic on Interview) Wool Vest Belt Chunky trousers But this is all California dreaming on my behalf.
Loved how Robert said "Holy Grail". Should have had a hand motion to go along with it. I agree with Geller when he mentioned the store IF(maybe should be italicized); really a good in-person experience. Always like going in there myself even if the store is way outside of my budget. You said you were going for two final questions but only really asked about the Hooded Bomber. WHAT ABOUT THE GYPSY TROUSERS BRUH BRUH!!! PS. You did a great job.
This turtleneck is so meow
Wahhh! Had to ask Dominik to describe it to me.
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