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Bomber is cheaper than I thought and omg that cropped. Rock Howard flashbacks and i am loving it.
yo the first look and that phillip lim coat is so strong. lots of good shit in that post to be honest.
Hot Dawg!
Mismo has always been priced considerably high.
That Japanese blood money.
ugh, i remember being at Barney's a few weeks ago. That shearling jacket was crazy but still pretty expensive.
would go so well with my miu miu shoes
Brings a tear to my eye.
^2 if they a 40-41 give them here
i can confirm that NA Fords have that as well.Which brings me to what I am driving: rented a Ford Fiesta for a NYE in NYC trip with a few friends. Wasn't expecting much other than decent gas mileage and that really is all she has.Pluses: Comfortable but fabric interior which is not surprising. USB, aux, and 12v charger all in the car so we could tailor our playlist. Good gas mileage like I said before. The lighting on the dash is pretty appealing with the "Tron" style...
New Posts  All Forums: