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whomever copped the long plaid from totokaelo. I SEE YOU!
what size was it??
I still wear mine in a size 44 all the time. it is super cropped so if that isn't your thing it comes off strong.
Just a shout out to Styleforum for being a part of such an amazingly setup event that Proper Kit and all the affiliates had setup. Great time and wonderful memories(well what the bourbon allowed). Picked up some products and am looking forward to doing business with a lot more of you. Great time talking to folks including Kevin, Marc, and many more!
I'll be there dripped in Robert Geller. Well whenever this bus lands. Edit: where is my S&D bros?
blah blah same del here
That is my situation right now, working out a good bit. Besides my jackets I have a hard time fitting stuff.
Rising from the dead
you wouldn't want mine. think I spilled a half a can of HighLife on it this pass Tuesday; not to mention all the horror and trouble they have witnessed.
Meh, would like to see it all in motion. Standing around like that does nothing for me.
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