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you wouldn't want mine. think I spilled a half a can of HighLife on it this pass Tuesday; not to mention all the horror and trouble they have witnessed.
Meh, would like to see it all in motion. Standing around like that does nothing for me.
I kind of like the pocket placement on the HL's better. Wasn't a fan of the fabrics Plokhov used for the first season though so I never revisited the brand.
Beige boots are best boots. With that said. Don't buy them so I can get my funds together.
They are so hard to pull off. Height and the issue of thick legs.
i passed on it early. don't know if i need any more Geller jewelry.
Wish that was in my size. I only really buy two colors now; strange blues and grays.
52? shit I wish it was a 44. best leather, best color
psyched on those black models
Don't know if I said this already in the thread but I really want the hat this season. I kind of wanted the hat from last season too but I don't know when I would have wore it.
New Posts  All Forums: