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So it seems to be a toss up, nothing really for the die hard but something for folks that want to have a piece of the "hot new new" in their closet. I might still see because I am interested in how it all comes together.
i have two pair as well
Seems fine to me in a look book sense. I see it a lot in Ralph Lauren look books and Burnello Cucinello. I would wear it to work but even a tie is a bit dressed up there. Edit: forgot I was Men's Clothing.
They look very nice, especially with those dark socks. Kind of catches the eye off guard when someone notices the strap.
That stores pre-order is very nice.
somebody went in on the Robert Geller grailed listings. I wake up today and my fitting room was all cleaned out.
100% this. Showed my girlfriend and she freaked. I, too, was expecting $640.
whomever copped the long plaid from totokaelo. I SEE YOU!
what size was it??
I still wear mine in a size 44 all the time. it is super cropped so if that isn't your thing it comes off strong.
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