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I do. Melo picked it up off Peter back when if I remember. There was another up in Grailed and yahoo auctions a while ago too. Don't know who has that.
Don't know I got a recent denim jacket and those sleeves are hugging.
Not even that. Should I just forget RAIN and Sutterheim by just buying a Mac or trench?
You pick a flavor and they send based on that. Yeah it fits real long and wide.
I am the type of person that would get it just to wear down the street to the corner store and be called "Phantom of the Opera"
Holla at ya boy
I remember telling LAGUY at the Trunk Show last year that I was going to buy something. But I forgot what it was.
Doesn't Sean have one or did he sell it to you Melon?
I remember sleeping on the Petroleum colored one back when Geller had the pop-up "Key Shop" at Assembly, big mistake. Still I only really want that color or the white.
It is strange though. Last two seasons their pictures were really good, especially when you take the final outfit pics into consideration. But now it is just all kinds of nasty.
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