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The cropped look reminds me a jacket of mine
I've finally came around to liking the dip-dyes. Obviously I am a late adopter.
too bad I am fat and short
Here, is the link to the Yahoo! article. It briefly mentions one going for 52mil last year but doesn't particularity say where or back up its claim.
think it was in a news article on yahoo. the 52mil sale was a private sale, not a auctioned event.
Yeah a few shops had the white. The material just looks like a lot more normal (button up shirt) than the runway.
I did rip my dip dye gypsy pants a while ago. Took them to the shop and they have been done ever since.
In New York I would recommend PR events or expanding your search to businesses with a big online presence. I have a old co-worker that moved to NYC to start work with Complex Media. What I hear from him and what I see from their various blogs, they are always seeking or freelancing blog work. Could help get your foot in the door if you want to go back into media.
Aw, fuck me! Missed out on those flight shorts hardcore.
I just want the fuzzy one
New Posts  All Forums: