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High Snobiety has some nice images of the collection in this article
I wholeheartedly agree there. I haven't really been interested in much knitwear from the team for about 3 or more seasons now. Hoping for some surprises when the stores pick up some pieces. Otherwise I am just going to keep rocking old dope shit.
Those trouser colors mane. Running in fields of feels
Oh my goodness!
yes...you are quite correct.....
Had to move my winter pieces into a hall closet so I could shuffle around the spring summer gear.
Great photos
Yeah i get a decent amount of use out of my pair from s/s 2012. wish I had the slimmer pair that came out a few seasons later.
I would keep it tucked, it looks nice. but I still would go sans undershirt. Like the flecked hat, Larose?
A huge fan of those fun NASA posters. saw them a while back and thought about getting a few for my dinning room.
New Posts  All Forums: