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Common Projects does the same combat boot nearly every fall/winter but without the spats (which is my fav part). Was a bit cheaper then the Geller collab too. If you want something similar that could be something to look at.
Hm, are you Isaac larose? Why no answer to me on Instagram during fashion week?!
That just makes me wish I had pre-ordered the strap bomber in red from NMWA.
So it seems to be a toss up, nothing really for the die hard but something for folks that want to have a piece of the "hot new new" in their closet. I might still see because I am interested in how it all comes together.
i have two pair as well
Seems fine to me in a look book sense. I see it a lot in Ralph Lauren look books and Burnello Cucinello. I would wear it to work but even a tie is a bit dressed up there. Edit: forgot I was Men's Clothing.
They look very nice, especially with those dark socks. Kind of catches the eye off guard when someone notices the strap.
That stores pre-order is very nice.
somebody went in on the Robert Geller grailed listings. I wake up today and my fitting room was all cleaned out.
100% this. Showed my girlfriend and she freaked. I, too, was expecting $640.
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