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I would keep it tucked, it looks nice. but I still would go sans undershirt. Like the flecked hat, Larose?
A huge fan of those fun NASA posters. saw them a while back and thought about getting a few for my dinning room.
Looks to show up in a lot of event photos...
I wore my pair yesterday but they aren't the washed ones. Wish I had something similar to the washed pair for every day wear. Loved those suede boots with the folding top from S/S10.
I do. Melo picked it up off Peter back when if I remember. There was another up in Grailed and yahoo auctions a while ago too. Don't know who has that.
Don't know I got a recent denim jacket and those sleeves are hugging.
Not even that. Should I just forget RAIN and Sutterheim by just buying a Mac or trench?
You pick a flavor and they send based on that. Yeah it fits real long and wide.
I am the type of person that would get it just to wear down the street to the corner store and be called "Phantom of the Opera"
Holla at ya boy
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