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How is the quality of the new gant sc? They are pretty pricy here in sweden so could you tell us more about the construction?
Has anyone seen/tried this irl? Im really close to ordering it, however 500 euros feels a bit steep for our legacy
I recently visited the Carmina shop in paris. Must say I was a little let down. They mostly stocked shoes in the Rain last which imo is way to pointy and squrish, the Inca last is a little bit better since its more rounded but it was still too pointy for my taste. The one I liked best was teh alcudia last, however they only had cordovan shoes in that last which were too expensive for a poor student
Im going to Paris for one week and am looking for a nice overnight duffle. Im leaning towards either the filson small duffle: Or Acne Everest tan I think Im going to go with the acne bag since I already have a filson 256, the bags are roughly the same size . However the Acne bag is 100 bucks more expensive (328 USD)
Anyone else bugged by the fact that the shoe lace holes seemes to be very far spread from each other?
Wow those are nice, how much were they? Also what model and last is that and where did you pick them up
How are Suitssupys extra slim fit compared to brooks brothers extra-slim fit and ralph lauren slim fit?
So Im looking for a duffle for shorter trips/weekends. I currently have a 256 in tan that Im very pleased with. Since I travel alot with ryanair it should match the dimensions of their cabin luggage: 22" x 16" x 8" I cant really decide between the small or medium duffle. The duffle should approximately fit: 5 shirts 2 shoes 1 jacket 2 sweaters 1 macbook air with charger a book misc items shuch as keys, passport, headphones and so on THe dimensions of the small duffle...
Ive been thinking the same thing, if its too good to be true it probably isnt. It feels like alot of similair examples have popped up in this thread.
Since I live in Sweden and am going to pick them up at the store Im not eligible for the vad deduction, thus the price is a bit too high for a poor student Anyway I hope they have the same model in calf skin or suede which should bring down the price quite alot.
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