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The ralph lauren european slim fit are overall slimmer, but especially in the arms.
No problem
Got some free gift cards, 2x 225sek off and one 15% off http://lb90.tumblr.com/post/34656865894/got-some-gift-cards-from-tres-bien-that-i-cant
How is the Havana in terms of sizing? Im usually a 44/46, 180cm and 67kg. Should I go with the 44 or the 46? Im really into the green one
Tell me about it, I live in Sweden and bought a par of silk lined madova last year. They are pretty much too cold already now when the weather is around 0 degreees celcius.Im considering something more warm this year. What do you guys think is the best lining in terms of keeping you warm? Rabbit or Lamb Shearling?
Probably one of the best looking loafers ever!
How is the quality of the new gant sc? They are pretty pricy here in sweden so could you tell us more about the construction?
Has anyone seen/tried this irl? Im really close to ordering it, however 500 euros feels a bit steep for our legacy http://www.tresbienshop.com/brand/our-legacy/hobo-tuxedo-coat-ruffled-camel
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