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I wish they made that tux with shawl lapels
In what way doesnt the american fit?
Their webshop, if you send them an email they may have additional sizes and colors.
Well yea? Good peccary gloves are expensive. Dents unlined peccary go for $314 and cashmere lined for $399 and $439Didnt know that didnt ship to sweden though.
Can anyone id who the maker of this suit is? The suit is from Rose & Born and made in italy
The ralph lauren european slim fit are overall slimmer, but especially in the arms.
No problem
Got some free gift cards, 2x 225sek off and one 15% off http://lb90.tumblr.com/post/34656865894/got-some-gift-cards-from-tres-bien-that-i-cant
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