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I've worn my new standards for a little over a year now and i feel like its time to give them their first wash. How do you recommend washing them? Just rinsing them in cold water in the shower? Or should I use the washing machine and throw them in 30c?
So I'm interning at an investment bank in Singapore this summer and am looking for a new suit or two. I already own a dark grey "conservative" suit from Rose & Born that fits me very well. Im lookng for an additional navy suit. What cut should I go for? Im currently trying to decide between the Sienna, Napoli, Havana or London...
Really strange thing to lie about though :S
Great fit, did you have it altered as well? Also regarding the sizing guide, did you end up sizing up or down?
The detailing on those is amazing!
Does someone know who the maker of these ralph lauren shoes is? http://se.zoovillage.com/productdetail.aspx?did=78376&pos=6#
Count me in!
Where did you find borelli shirts in 14.5? I've been looking for a while, STF has a few but not many
Another code for you guys vp0884ae03
Thanks! Does anyone know how heavy the wool is? I want to wear it as a sportscoat with chinos or jeans, but on the pics on the website it looks like an orphan sc
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