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Haha I've been wearing my pair of new standards for one and a half year approx 4 days a week now
I can imagine. I've had two pairs of Silk lined 306 The fit is pretty poor, on the first pair one of the seams connecting the thumb to the palm area bursted. On the second pair alot of the seams came undone on various areas of the gloves only after 2 months of wear.Sure the preice is good but I would not buy a pair again.
Not sure about the quality thoughhttp://www.tmlewin.com/Guiness-Slim-Fit-1-Button-Black-Dinner-Suit/45219B,en_US,pd.html?start=2&cgid=Mens-Suit-Bundles&prefn1=suitType&prefv1=Dinner
I just wanted to wash them since the are starting to smell funky :P On the other hadn Im afraid of shrinkage, since I already gained 9kg in the last couple of month they are really tight around my ass
I've worn my new standards for a little over a year now and i feel like its time to give them their first wash. How do you recommend washing them? Just rinsing them in cold water in the shower? Or should I use the washing machine and throw them in 30c?
So I'm interning at an investment bank in Singapore this summer and am looking for a new suit or two. I already own a dark grey "conservative" suit from Rose & Born that fits me very well. Im lookng for an additional navy suit. What cut should I go for? Im currently trying to decide between the Sienna, Napoli, Havana or London...
Depends on what country you live in.
Really strange thing to lie about though :S
Great fit, did you have it altered as well? Also regarding the sizing guide, did you end up sizing up or down?
The detailing on those is amazing!
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