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After seeing the small irl, well its really really small, would never work for me at least as a weekend bag.
How is the quality of their trousers? I'm looking for a pair of light grey flannels,en,pd.html?start=16&cgid=Trousers Or should I add a hundred bucks and get a pair of Howard Yount?
Haha I'm tempted, I think it's in a box in my cellar somewhere
Glad the suit could be of some use then But no, he didn't give back a single dime.
Haha, just woke up, can't think straight
Why is the breast pocket on the right side?
Very nice, which collar is that?
I've been using it for 2 weekend trips now. Its a tad too big and Im worried the airline Im flying with tomorrow is going to say so as well. The overall quality seems good, dissapointed with the zipper though since Im used to the sturdy zipper on my filson bag. Other than that Im happy with it, really good price to quality ratio.
Im about to pull the trigger on a navy Napoli suit, however suitsupplys size indicators tells me I should order a size 48, Im usually a 44/46, what do you guys think?
Yay, Im looking for suits/sports coats in 46 and shirts in 14.5
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