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It's beautiful!
Hi luxiure, do you think you would be able to make a down jacket similiar to this one? It's made out of wool and probably some polyester mixed in. If you could, then send me a pm and we could discuss it in further detail!I've been looking for this jacket since last year but it seems to be sold out everywhere in my size.For more pictureshttp://sartorialjournal.blogspot.se/2013/07/montecore-double-breasted-down-jacket.html
Just ordered 5 pairs, these for me have been hit or miss. Some pairs have gotten holes really fast while others have held up for quite some time. However I do experience the same problem as denning with the OTC socks sliding down
So I just received this lbm 1911 jacket in size 48, Im usually a size 46 but since I got this NWT at 75% discount I had to buy it! So what do you think, is it worth taking it to the tailor or should I just sell it? I need to have it taken in on the side/back and slightly shorten the sleeves, other than that it's just a tad too big in the shoulders. The back looks very clean however!
Jacket from l.b.m 1911, I got it for 170 euro shipped to sweden, NWT. Retail price here in Sweden is 560 eur
Thinking of buying these for autmn/winter beaters, anyone have these? Also, how long is the shipping time? http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=4069
The 257 always felt too big for me since I managed to pack everything I needed in the 256
Looks too much like a cheap mismo knockoff imo.
After seeing the small irl, well its really really small, would never work for me at least as a weekend bag.
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