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Anyway, just send them a new email, including photos of the bag and a short explanation. And try to refrain from using absurd metaphors and sarcastic/ironic comments if you can't handle the language properly since it can be very confusing. Then I'm sure they will help you out...
Looks very good! Whats the width of the lapels? I was under the impression that the havana and alot of their other cuts had fashun skinny lapels?
Very nice! I was writing to you guys through PM about ordering a similar piece about a month ago but you stopped responding after the second pm. Would still very much be interested in what we discussed!
Ok thanks, been eyeing those for a while since Iost my madova gloves recently.I would guess cashmere is a fair bit warmer, I've been using a silk lined pair from madova for the last to year, anything below 0 C my hands felt cold. On the other hand I've heard some say that silk lining is actually warmer than cashmere...
How do they fit?
Im a 36R, feeling very tempted, do they run small in size?
Imo they run a bit big, I've been sizing down 1 size. Im just about to go and pick up my latest shipment of socks. Ordered on the 7h of nov and delivered on the 28th to Sweden. Would love to have an optional express shipping option, 3 weeks is simply too long for me even though its free.1Prs. US8.5-EU42-UK8-GRAY-OVER THE CALF-XWinter2Prs. US8.5-EU42-UK8-NAVY BLUE-OVER THE CALF-XWinter1Prs. US8.5-EU42-UK8-Clemetsen Green-OVER THE CALF-XWinter1Prs. US8.5-EU42-UK8-GREEN-OVER...
How does the Jort flanells compare to, say, pt01? I can get them both for the same price
Wondering this as well! I recently lost a pair of madova gloves that I had for two years, however I wasnt really happy with either the fit or the quality, they were a pair of mens silk lined gloves either dents or merola now.
Love the collars, are those the NOBD ones?
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