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Anyone actually got on made and have pics? I want one now
If anyone is still interested Our legacy is running 40% off ontheir website on this one and the wine red version
Sude shirt from our legacy, still not 100% sure about it but it was 40%off, we'll see when it arrives
And don't forget the filson leather tote, amazing bag, wish I could justify spending the cash on it though
Or it might be the fact that every time you write something you are coming off as a pretentious fuck? Has that thought ever crossed your mind?Seriously, just send them an email with photos of the bag, briefly explaining your problem and stop the bullshit, history and philosophy lessons and other half written novels you have posted here and I promise you that they will help you...And since you mentioned you post from your phone on this forum I'm sure you wont have a...
I do have to admit he's quite amusing though!ON TOPIC: Been using my 256 more or less every day for the past 3 yars, minimal signs of wear (except denim stains) Seriously, this thing is a tank
Have I completely lost it? After rewatching goldfinger I really want to get something like this for my next vacation Although a bit longer, I would like it to end just above the knees
After having read his previous threads and posts I'm afraid he's actually not a troll
Anyway, just send them a new email, including photos of the bag and a short explanation. And try to refrain from using absurd metaphors and sarcastic/ironic comments if you can't handle the language properly since it can be very confusing. Then I'm sure they will help you out...
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