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price drop
i had a bf for a few months and i detected some jealousy which was amusing she also hates when i glance at other girls Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy OP should post a pic of his friend so we could decide if its ok to share a bed with her or not. Quote: Originally Posted by m@T how old are you now? 16 Quote: Film director Roman Polanski has been taken into custody on a 31-year-old US arrest warrant, organisers of the Zurich Film Festival have said. The organisers say Polanski, 76, was detained by police on Saturday as he travelled to Switzerland from France to collect a lifetime achievement award. Police in Zurich could not immediately confirm the information. The organisers of the Zurich...
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep Why the hell would you make a post like this and neglect to mention that you are gay because im not and i dont like labeling myself
shes a girl and we have been best friends since 3rd grade
when i stay at my best friends place we often sleep in the same bed. we usually talk a little with lights off and then fall asleep. her mom thinks its slightly odd but she doesnt mind have you ever shared a bed with your friend and whats your take on it?
Quote: Originally Posted by sexandcandy yes. remove zac efron from your avatar. cheers he makes my heart beat fast. do you prefer robert pattinson avatar?
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