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Quote: Originally Posted by TheBlackBruceWayne you have some amazing shoes on your site the Stivaletto Svevo and the Boccaccio are my favorites Thanks for your complimets. I am proud of our products and I always try to improve them.
Quote: Originally Posted by viv2geo Paolo, besides shoes do you also make belts? I'd probably need two, to go with the Burgundy and Antique yellow coloured shoes. Burgundy - Model Pirandello Antique Yellow - Model Macchiavelli 3 Yes, I also make belts with the same leather of the shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by viv2geo Last week I received, after what seemed like ages, my 2 new pairs of shoes I'd ordered from Silvestro (Benson's). Guess once you've placed an order for something nice, you get so excited and impatient that weeks seem like months The shoes look awesome, and are very comfortable - nice fit. I especially love the Burgundy colour that Paolo managed to attain, not to mention the excellent workmanship and beautiful...
This is a picture from a customer (Vivek) in Belgium
You would add our company (Silvestro): Thanks
There is a shoe store called Tizian. This is the website:
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley They do indeed look lovely. Without wanting to be rude, what price range are we talking here for the RTW line? Are we talking around the G&G mark? The price range starts from 380 Euro or more and it depends on the construction that you like. Now it is possible to find it only in Germany because that market is closed to us. Our family have made shoes since 1952. SILVESTRO ( or BENSON'S - the other...
Dear Etb I would like to advise you the buying of classic shoe trees and some cream (meltonian) because it is a wonderful product but it needs a good maintance. Quote: Originally Posted by etb Bottom line: Silvestro Shoes are highly recommended. Guys, Many months ago, Paolo from Silvestro introduced his company to this thread. Impressed by the way he handled questions and by the website (see link below), I ordered a pair"ā€¯Goldoni in the 30711...
I know that in Moscow there is a good shoe store called Europa exclusive but I am not sure about that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Francisco +1.. where can i get this?? Thank for your compliments. Now you can get our porducts only in Germany but I would like to have some shoes store on other markets. In the future, I will introduce the e-commerce service on my website ( I also put some picture on my facebok account (footwear benson's) Paolo
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