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This is going to be a fun election. Whatever way it goes, there's going to be a lot of people feasting on crow. My hope is that Paul Krugman is one of those choking on black feathers.
Based on the content about bankers owning everything, US going down, etc., I would guess that you wrote it. The writing style would tend to confirm that.
That's a welfare program? By that expansive definition, any time the federal govermnment declares a natural disaster and sends aid, all those who receive it would be considered "on welfare." As far as I know, that's not the case.No, I am talking about the modern concept of welfare, namely a permanent, means-tested entitlement program.
Where is your proof that anything I said is wrong?
George Romney was born in 1907. They didn't have welfare back then, son.But nice try anyway.
Furo, just let him going on thinking this one is in the bag. Maybe he won't bother to go out and vote. You and I know better. My wife and I will be voting six times here in Northern VA.
Here is the fact pattern as it is now emerging: Terrorists plan coordinated attack on US diplomatic facilities on anniversary of 9/11. US is warned of the attacks but doesn't take any precautions. Marines guarding facilities are left unarmed. The terrorists successfully burn multiple facilities and hoist the Al Queda flag over an embassy where the Stars and Stripes once flew. The attack on the Benghazi consultate, led by a former Gitmo detainee, captures a US embassador...
LOL, who cares who released him? The point is we should have been taking a harder line with all Gitmo detainees, and just because Bush was under pressure to catch and release from the media and Democrats doesn't change a damned thing.Meanwhile the latest news is that there was NO demonstration outside the Benghazi consultate before the attack. It was simply and purely a terrorist attack. This is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to the story that the Administration and Ambassador...
Ex-Gitmo detainee was involved in and may have led the consulate attack! http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/19/top-administration-official-says-strike-in-libya-was-terror-attack/ This gets even more incredible by the day, and still our media covers it up.
So Obama actually thinks some portion of the US electorate (i.e. his enemies) should actively be punished.Guess he doesn't believe in representing everyone after all.I would say this goes beyond Romney's 47% nonsense.
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