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My suggestion is to make the forum as fast as the old one.
Are you referring to the 15% drop in traffic over the last 7 days?
It reminds me of the time that Coca-Cola changed their formula.
I'm running at 1680x1050 right now and I can see 2.5 posts.I am not bullshitting.
I get back from my annual rip to Monte Carlo and find this new layout waiting for me.... Yikes. Way too much right hand margin dedicated to advertising spam. Let me make a suggestion to the admins.... Facebook and Google have tested the shit out of and optimized their sites to maximize the ad versus content ratio. If your right hand ad column is thicker than theirs, you are doing something very wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy It sounds like your problem is more with the process than the beans themselves. Here are some general guidelines for pulling good, consistent shots. Keep in mind that you will be limited by how good your machine and grinder are. (As an aside, people who splurge on the machine and skimp out on the grinder are really doing themselves a disservice. The two are equally as important.) Use 18 grams of coffee for a double...
Where do you buy your espresso beans? I've been getting mine from Carrabassett recently, largely because a place on Nantucket that has fantastic coffee sources theirs there. But for some reason my espresso never comes out like theirs. I like a dark, strong roast. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I'm not sure if I've had "real" Korean food outside of all the places I've been to around ktown in LA or other cities, but whatever it is tastes fairly similar and I love it. The combination of flavors is what I really love, the ability to go from spicy back to sweet then to salty before cleansing your palate and starting over. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. + the excuse to eat tons of kimchi.
You should never lock a pet in a car or a microwave oven. Therefore, they are same.
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