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Quote: Originally Posted by max-t drop I'm in for these, PM sent for payment info!
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Is that Bubbles from The Wire? I like how everyone is trying to look gansta in the photo, and Paul Walker is smiling in the back corner...even the Asian guy is trying to look like he'll F you if you mess with him.
Hi All! Have been looking for a Moncler vest, and one of the first pages that popped up when I googled the item was site: Has anyone bought from them before?? The prices sound ridiculously low - perhaps it's a site that sells replicas? Anyone with experiences? Thanks!!
Oh lord. That Tom Ford leather jacket is pure seks
Quote: Originally Posted by Fahim. Sorry for the confusion, this is a continuation of the previous sample sale (leftover stock): Anyone go to this today? If so, what was the selection like for small/medium sizing? Thanks!
did anyone go again today? what was the selection like?
go for a 44mm I have a 90, and am loving it right now. Wish I had a brown strap, though!
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman I visit that on occasion. Ah yes, I've definitely scanned that site before! A little mainstream, but is quite good too!
Which sites (asides from SF!), do you guys frequent to stay current on the latest and greatest? Doesn't have to be all clothing related...accessories, style, anything!
people in china do! and not just the too, with slippers!!
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