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I have no experience with Glaser; maybe search the Classic Menswear section? At least a few of them have Glaser bags.
Here's a nice-looking pebbled leather tote that sneaks in (after 40% off) under the $300 limit so many people have posted. Haven't seen it in person, but it looks more premium than a lot of the Ben Minkoff/ MbMJ pieces at this price. http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446665157
+1As they say with auto suppliers: You can get whatever quality you're willing to pay for.
For me, Gucci has two key problems:-Frida Giannnini just isn't that good. She's predictable to the point of parody: florals for spring! Military for fall! Nautical for cruise! Under her direction, Gucci has devolved into a heritage factory, sputtering out house classics with the occasional residue of Ford-era sexiness. Basically, Armani or Dolce with a much better accessories business.-The brand is too big to be cool. When your brand can be bought online, in department...
So much has changed, and not for the better. I have a Vuitton reporter from 1999; the canvas is thick and chewy, the hardware is impeccable, and even the fabric strap feels sturdy and expensive. The canvas on the Keepall I bought in 2010 feels light, and maybe only half as thick. Every time I go into LV now, I'm disgusted; not by the prices (which have always been high) but the quality. A $2k bag should look and feel expensive, and they just don't anymore. The Kim Jones...
Volga Volga long hoodie, size large, purchased this a few years ago from the Archive in San Francisco. Excellent quality: three different textures, fine-tooth Riri zipper, oversized blended pockets and hood. Made in Tokyo. Good used condition. No stains, loose stitching, or odors present. Length (from base of collar): 32.5” Chest: 22.5” Shoulders: 20” Sleeve: 28.5” $220 $200 shipped
Fendi geometric print shirt, retail $690. Online purchase from Barney's last year. Hidden button placket, great textured fabric with black/brown print. Chest: 23.5" Shoulders: 19.5" Length: 32.5" Sleeves: 25" $200 $150 shipped OBO
I believe Coach is currently having a 25% off "preferred customer event"; they have some nice, basic leather styles that are well made and reasonably priced with the discount.
I'm referring to their outlets. My items have already been charged and shipped.
Brunello Cucinelli is marking down their outlet merch an additional 60% tomorrow (total discount about 75% off retail).
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