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Lanvin snap-front baseball shirt, size large. Made with a gorgeous, lightweight navy wool with tonal stitching detail down the front. Drop sleeves and oversized fit with single-piece sleeves that drape beautifully. Fits 52, but is unstructured and could easily accommodate 50-54. Purchased from Barneys a couple years back; retail was around $700. Chest: 23.5" Length: 33.5" Shoulder: 21.5" (drop sleeve) $120 shipped via Priority Mail
Looking at getting a couple CPs; have read mixed advice about whether or not to size down. I wear a 12.5 in Nike and 45 in pretty much everything else. Should I stick with 45 or size down to 44?
I think pebbled or naturally grained leather is the best combination of durability, feel, and all-weather capability. Examples of this on the high end would are Hermes' clemence and togo leathers and Vuitton's premium "taurillon" bags. They repel water, are flexible in most applications, shrug off most nicks and scratches, and develop a nice, "lived-in-but-not-beat-up" look over time. Bad versions of this can have inconsistent or artificial texture embossed over...
While on the topic of briefcases: this very nice Valextra is 50% off at The Corner. It's not a perfect bag (stiff textured leathers are not my favorite, and dark brown is, IMO, more challenging to pair than a lighter caramel shade or black) but at $1,230, I would consider this well-bought for a stylish, very good quality bag. http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/briefcase_cod55011579wp.html
Longchamp, T. Anthony, and even Polo RL make some nice-looking nylon/canvas briefs under $500. I no first-hand experience with any of them, though.
I'm glad you found something you like.None of the options look particularly "beach-y" though: I probably would've spec'd a made-to-order LL Bean tote for around $60.
I can't really think of an attractive, good-quality canvas bag at a Filson pricepoint. Jack Spade comes to mind, but the quality is meh.Buy something well-made that speaks to you; I wouldn't pick a brand first and then insist upon choosing something from it. BV looks/feels nothing like Hermes, Lanvin, LV, etc.I find Lanvin to be perfectly fine of you can get it on sale. I have a lovely bullcalf tote from them that is reasonably well-made.This...BV leather goods don't do a...
Trying to justify the price of designer anything is a fool's errand. The actual cost of materials/production labor is such a minimal part of the final retail price that you'll never be satisfied if you're truly a "value" shopper. Some of the leather goods brands featured here or over in the Men's Clothing forum are excellent quality and reasonably priced- they are also, in my opinion, incredibly ugly.In the end, the question is: how much are you willing to pay for...
Great French calfskin wallet from Dunhill. Great quality, with impeccable stitching and glazing: I've owned some very expensive leather goods including Hermes and this measures up to any of them. Very hard-wearing, has some nicks and wear marks from card slots but presents very well. Six card slots and a gusseted slot for unfolded bills (also fits an iPhone). Come with original box and velvet protector. $60 $50 shipped
The Tumis are nice. Varvatos, Spade, Fossil look cheap, wouldn't spend $350 on Vince Camuto, and Ben Minkoff bags are decent-looking but not very substantial in person.I would be happy with either of the Tumis. They're a bit above what you're looking to spend, but Coach is a solid option for conservative, well-made briefs.
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