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The Purseforum is a great resource for brands with little information online (Goyard, Celine, Chanel, etc.) but most of the topics there veer into stupid nit-picking ("There is a stray piece of glue on the soles of my Louboutins so I MUST exchange them!!!) and shopping spree unboxing porn.
+1Without a doubt. Ungodly prices these days, though: basic sneakers in the current season are all $700/800, with little wholesale distribution and zero markdowns to be had.
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call BS on this.I have yet to see an SLP menswear item that seemed exceptional in any way. Hedi is a great stylist, and has naturally good taste; more akin to Tom Ford or Lagerfeld than a paradigm-shifting talent like YSL. The image he's crafted for the brand is perfectly fine: the branded packaging/collateral is lovely and the boutiques are nice (if incredibly sterile). And I will unreservedly say that, in the last decade, he's done...
Jil is a top 3 "go-to" brand for my wardrobe needs. It's still the best combination of style, practicality, and quality among the bigger labels.Their Chicago boutique is a real survivor: originally franchised, bought back under Prada, and maintained throughout countless owners and creative directors since. It speaks well of the city's ability to support a quieter label while flashier spaces on the coasts are long since closed.
Nicely broken-in; hemmed to a 32.5" inseam Waist:16.5" Rise: 11" Inseam: 32.5" Leg Opening: 8.5" $100 $80 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
The Bal messenger is a solid, seasonless piece; not girly at all, IMO. I love a good zip-top messenger myself, and have considered that exact bag in the past. Price isn't bad either, and I'd take it over any canvas bag Gucci/LV/Prada is selling these days.
This. I've owned two Versace bags and have been impressed with the quality: nice leathers, good hardware, solid construction. If you can find one you like secondhand, the value is great; they keep very little of their value (maybe 10% of original retail). Of course, they don't have near the production or distribution of a bigger house, so they're few and far between.Yeah, the styling can be tacky. I do weirdly like the quilted leather "Couture" bags, even though I'm...
I have no experience with Glaser; maybe search the Classic Menswear section? At least a few of them have Glaser bags.
Here's a nice-looking pebbled leather tote that sneaks in (after 40% off) under the $300 limit so many people have posted. Haven't seen it in person, but it looks more premium than a lot of the Ben Minkoff/ MbMJ pieces at this price. http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446665157
+1As they say with auto suppliers: You can get whatever quality you're willing to pay for.
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