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This looks like a diaper bag, IMO. It's far from ugly, but if it costs $200 I'd first look at the basic canvas totes from Gap or Everlane that cost 1/4 of that.
Cotton is lighter, and you'll find it in the cheapest bags up to some of the most expensive. As fabrics go, nylon is more durable and silk is more luxe, but a decent cotton works well in most applications.Like leather, suede is a heavy material to line bags in. Usually found in nicer bags, but there is some really crappy suede I don't find preferable to fabric (like sueded pigskin- blech). Higher quality options have a nice feel, but all suede picks up dirt and stains...
Dior GATs purchased from Barneys years ago, only worn a few times. Minor marks from storage/light wear, but a 9.5/10 overall. Includes dustbag. $250 shipped via USPS Priority (add $10 if you want the box)
Spring shoe clearout: old school Hedi designs that Dior produces every season. Classic Black Leather/Patent B16 sneaker, still produced by Dior in this exact combination. Used, but well-maintained and just professionally polished. Some color loss to leather lining from normal use, but otherwise impeccable. Includes dustbag and orginal, unused replacement laces. $250 shipped via USPS Priority (add $10 if you want the box)
Not sure what style you're after, but Hermes card cases start around $300:http://usa.hermes.com/leather/small-leather-goods/card-cases.htmlFor relatively simple wallet designs, Hermes is actually not much (if at all) more expensive than other, far inferior "designer" brands. If, however, you require many pockets or a zipper, the price can easily increase three-or fourfold.
So true. You can spend less money (Dries Van Noten, Jack Spade, Rag & Bone come to mind), but they aren't going to be made with the same materials or finished as nicely a true luxury bag.And yes, bags are quite a bit like shoes: the ones you'll find on serious markdown are usually odd, unattractive or impractical. A good bag that suits your needs is worth paying full price for.
The duffle is from the Victoria collection: it's lined in canvas, which makes it lighter and less expensive than some of their more structured options (the women's handbag version of this starts around $5k). They've also made an open-top version that's quite handsome:I LOVE the 24/24 Reporter; the shape, the size, the leathers are pretty much ideal. If I really wanted to invest in just one messenger bag, this would be it.
This literally looks like a gift-with-purchase item you'd get with their cologne. They did a similar canvas beach bag for women last year but the design and materials felt much more elevated than this.Burberry probably has the least integrity of any major label I can think of; they are a brand first, a fashion statement second, and a maker of luxury goods last. Quality is subpar across all three labels; I bought a pair of Prorsum denim last year and was shocked at what...
I've actually been seeing more articles about John Ray in his new capacity as creative director at Dunhill, menswear's biggest backwater.Rach, you must be the only person holding a candle for runway Ferre. Maybe it was bigger in Europe and Asia, but I never heard this brand discussed elsewehere or seen it at retail: my only exposure was that dreadful GF FERRE they sell to foreign tourists at midlevel department stores in major cities
I was obsessed with LV when this came out and desperately wanted this bag, but I was a broke high school student who could barely afford the key pouches and agendas I saved my birthday money to buy. The sad thing is, it was "only" $2100; today, LV runway bags cost 2-3x that and everyday men's leather bags are virtually all over $3k.For Fall '15, Kim Jones brought monogram back on the runway for the first time in years. Maybe it's just the latent logo-whore in me, but I...
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