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Quote: Originally Posted by trex guessing someone just doesn't get the joke. are you sure? and is your emo-ranting about the content of my post or have you been influenced by my avatar? thx for all the prejudices after I was just stating facts some of you obviously can´t deal with. is that manly too?
oh I had something similar, the mystify claw from terratec. but my worst buy was this:
my allergies made me gain 10 lbs thx to cortisone, but allergies are not the same like a food intolerance ..
Quote: Originally Posted by suited I'm convinced that expensive razors are a complete rip off. buy a razor from some solingen factory, train 4 weeks at your ankles or your chest, read everything about how to do it and you will NEVER switch back to anything else. got myself an expensive mammoth razor by dovo ..
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T meh, said it before, say it again. My next wife hasn't even been born yet. you DO know this could be misunderstood? it might be better to say she hasn´t been created yet ..
crap? yes, that´s what animals use to mark their territory. and that is the same reason why men like to eat stuff which they know is not healthy, but helps them to show their dominance. rudimental behaviour, as long as you aren´t a creationist, something you might deduce ..
from my point of view we should make a difference here, if you are a primitive man then you should go for anything that makes you stink in any way. anything that makes your farts smell like a vulcano, your shit smell as if you were dead inside, your breath as if maggots and worms were patroling your teeth and your sweat as if you had rolled your body in your own pee like a hoofed animal. which means onions, garlic and beer. then there is food for not-so-primitive men,...
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