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does anyone know how the woven lacing on the pic works? http://www.shoe-lacing.com/shoelace/...ionmethods.htm
to get into rem within 30 minutes you either have to practice polyphasic sleep, or if you remembered that dream phase you had some hypnagogic hallucinations before that. don´t even try to get into rem, just relax ..
Quote: Originally Posted by gamelan oh, and Monday is gonna be awkward as fuck no?
im flirting at work means you are in the friend zone, nothing more ..
Quote: Originally Posted by Kas How are you in hand to hand combat, Coldarchon? started wu shu like 26 years ago, hung gar style, but I have to admit the last 2 years I was mostly meditating during my training. tried some other stuff like hapkido. you? Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Thanks for letting us know, noob. Don't you have some hippie/emo/vegan stuff to do? oh now I understand your name, so...
so if even the op is stuck on his flaming this thread can be closed ..
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Senseless? That contraption requires some thinking. the top cover was made of plastic and broke after the first use. without it you can´t get any pressure and it´s impossible to get a substitute ..
boring and uninspiring answer ..
so you like to make sit-ups when your best friend is about to look straight in your face?
so no one mentioned women with a cameltoe, too much make-up and too much gold on their head doing their exercises almost above your head when you do sit-ups?
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