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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Some are calling it a necessary examination of a radical sect of people, some are calling it the new McCarthyism. imho any society needs some sort of immune system, to detect corruptive intruders. McCarthyism would be some sort of leukemia regarding this way of thinking. what would be a religion that says it means peace although it means submission, that says it treats women right although it says...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero We'll get two or three decent Youtube clips. no wikipedia links?
Quote: Originally Posted by burningbright I wouldn't go as far as a facepalm, but the circumstances in Egypt are nowhere near what you're describing in Afghanistan or Pakistan. It would be one thing if US support was being used to prop up a Coptic regime in Egypt but this is simply a case of an Egyptian minority group relegated to the worst and lowest jobs available in Egyptian society who simply want equal rights and instead are treated like dogs to...
the protests are slowing down ..
just for you javyn: Quote: The congressman's assertions that 85 percent of leaders of American mosques hold extremist views and that Muslims do not cooperate with law enforcement have alarmed Muslim groups, some counterterrorism experts and even a few former allies in Irish-American causes.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Despite containing links in 80% of his posts, I don't think coldarchon has ever linked to the same site twice. ignorance is a bliss I know, sry for clearing that up with your misconception about the non existing catholic background of the spanish inquisition. anything else you need to know and proven by a link?
http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...9&postcount=50 + when the cleric David Boutrosn was killed the church of st. george in Elheraidya was surrounded by 3.000 muslims with machetes and guns + abbey of st bischoy was attacked by the egyptian army and killed many monks + abbey of st macarius was attacked by the egyptian army and at least 6 monks were killed + abbey of st paul at the red sea was stormed by a mob this happened just in february .. + church...
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz Is this true? yes it is, but even swedish judges can't believe it: http://www.thelocal.se/32368/20110303/ Khamenei even described how to have sex with little girls, Mehmet was known to have an 11 year old loverboy ..
meanwhile in egypt .. http://voiceofthecopts.org/en/news/k...villagers.html
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter well, I'd choose it over christianity and judeism. If I had complete choice, and I was looking for a religion, it would probably be Hinduism, or thai Buddhism. but what do I like about islam? its a very elegant, simple, inclusive religion. a lot of the problems that Islam has are caused by how great it was in the seventh century - judeism was so out of wack by the 2nd 3rd century that it had to be complete...
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