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Quote: Originally Posted by unjung As for myself, I have viewed over 223 hours of pornographic films in my life, and several thousand images, involving well over 4809 women. did you seriously just pick out one argument and related the amount of pictures that resulted from my knowledge achievement to be my reason for my experience reputation? if your short-term memory offers just enough space for 16 words, don´t take part in internet...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician How about hip hop for starters??? that choice is so utterly retarded ..
I can remember 6 new phone numbers for 1 day even when I wake up and can´t remember anything from the night, but I can´t memorize new names for just 1 minute ..
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician I am well aware of the popular classification of ska eras as "waves." Your apparent knowledge of the same does nothing to mitigate your unappealing frat-ish celebration of a long dead, hideously bastardized genre. name ONE music genre that couldn´t be described by this, almost everything today is recycled and most musicians should be called karaoke stars - now gtfo ..
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus I take 1 mg of each a night. so you never dealt with the consequences of the other stuff or did you just swap a symptom with a chronic disease? good you didn´t try to address me, you are only proving me lol ..
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG I offered my experience with a certain type of medication. again, you only offer experience with a certain type of symptom, not an illness. as I already said, his dreams are a very typical sign of stress because he feels the phenomenons of sleep paralysis. do you even know what I´m talking about? you don´t heal an illness by suppressing the symptoms. not only that, you declare a symptom to be the real illness,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Somehow I know you are referring to the despicable, intellectually and artistically bankrupt realm of "ska" that is the purview of hideous fratboys and useless cannabis burnouts. are you talking about the 2-tone or the third wave? oh wait you didn´t know there where 3 waves of ska? well then your opinion counts a lot to me - not ..
ska music. everyone likes that and gives a smile ..
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG but this is awful "advice." I´m sorry if you couldn´t follow plausible and logic advice. so I repeat; no scientist, medic, psychiatrist or neurologist has any clue how the brain works as a whole or what sleep is good for. so if they don´t know, and you have no clue what you are talking about, as well as I see no reason for your diagnosis and absolutely no evidence why as you say nothing else will help, I´m...
the weird dreams you have indicate that you have a problem with stress. you get an impression of the beginning of the sleep paralysis. that´s when your brain get´s kind of disconnected from the spinal, to prevent injuries which could happen if you moved the same way you do in your imagination while in a dream phase. what most people haven´t understood yet, this disconnection works both ways. you can´t move your body, but you don´t get any perception from your body as...
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