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went to a lot of speed datings with my bombshell roommate. we always made up a new personality of the most unactractive life story, hobbies and lifestyle. there was a bet who still could get a date, dumb bombshell or the broken nerd. it was always a tie ..
oh brain is very tasty. some other weird stuff I like: tibicos alfalfa shoots
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Non-emo freaks do, yes. hey kid, that picture of me is 10 years old ..
black as my soul ..
people still say mister?
house of lords for me ..
every 6 weeks
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi No. I know a decent amount about classical and a decent amount about IDM, but I'm just starting to scratch the surface of hip-hop. I just used to be of the opinion it was mostly pretty bad myself until I actually started listening to it and was proven EXTREMELY wrong. considering the way how you talk to others in an internet forum you should´t give any advice about socializing in real life ..
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Yohimbe for weird dreams and a hard one ..
don´t use too much chemistry and too much soap. I keep my skin clean by using ONLY water to wash my face and use some alunit for desinfection. it works a lot and your grandfather probably used it too ..
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