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play a browser game like ikariam. it´s complexity is really great, and if your boss comes in, just click on another browser tab .. I´m on zeta ..
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt You can also take the train to Dusseldorf just for dinner if you are in cologne never ask for alt bier, if in dusseldorf never ask for kolsch bier. these cities don´t like each other very well. and just a hint, there are many gays, look for the throat before asking out a girl ..
vegetarians call honey beepuke ..
Quote: Originally Posted by kookydooky yet people seem to always call me out on it acting all overly macho or something. maybe it´s not the way you sit but the way you respond to this? I can´t believe people are really that stupid, at least not in the south of usa ..
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah Yeah, get out of that! I think I said "my ex" ..
my ex aborted her holiday one week earlier because my horoscope said that today I would meet the love of my life ..
Quote: Originally Posted by DrPat I don't believe there is any relation between the time of day you run and injuries. Injuries are related to how long and hard you run and the amount of rest you get between workouts. By rest, I mean easy runs, not sleeping. everybody knows that your body rejuvenates during sleep. your bones, muscles, sinews and almost any tissue in your body is being repaired 20 times faster when you sleep compared to when...
running before you go to sleep might prevent you from a real state of relaxation and might cause injuries because very very very small gaps can´t get repaired ..
oran juice jones and fun loving criminals ..
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