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Quote: Originally Posted by youdee Says the guy with the Morrissey av! thought the same ..
Quote: Originally Posted by youdee The plan is to build a regular blog devoted to male skin care where you can find the best products for your skin. Like the plethora of blogs devoted to female skin care but...for guys. If you leave comments with your individual requests/concerns I can steal your ideas and post about them. So come and check it out! is there going to be a section for alternative and natural products as well?
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix Most laptop instructions (and phones for that matter) include a notice to charge for several hours before using the battery for the first time. the point is that li-ion batteries are said to have no memory effect, which they actually have the first time they are charged.
omg when I read the words "street chocolate" I have to think of that guy from the sesame's street. can´t you buy some european chocolate at the airport? toblerone, lindt, ferrero, nestlé,
is there anything that can´t be art?
I have a sushi party at least once a week where we do everything on our own ..
Quote: Originally Posted by Fat-Elvis If you do them properly, and do them on a mat, are they okay to do in the long term without risking knee damage? how are they done properly?
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Girls don't think like guys. A guy would look at a girl and check out her boobs and hips. A girl will look at a guy and wonder if he's boyfriend or husband material. Period. reminds me to that picture about flirt math. a hot woman looks at a guy and thinks: 5.000$ watch = 200.000 $ income + 500.000$ house + 100.000$ porsche the guy looks at the woman: 2 boobs + 1 pussy
heat event horizon time bandits starship troopers harold and maude
in japan they even want the robots to look more european, geez ..
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