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this reminds me to a gay club where my girl friend made me go there because her gay best friend was celebrating his "marriage". there were mirrors at the urinals at the height of my chest. this way you could easily check out your neighbour ..
imo many people feel more lonely than they should, all the communication possibilities create needs that want to be fullfilled. stop thinking you need to be online all the time, get a pen pal and read a book ..
got a n64 with 4 controllers and 40 games, because I like gameplay and fun. if I want to see graphics I watch a movie ..
Quote: Originally Posted by dj.sessions I've read about a scientific research in a electronic spanish newspaper that humans only need from 6 to 7 hours so the brain could rest, our bodies dont need that much time to recover. in fact our body only needs 1 or 2 hours. and our brain doesn´t need more as well. but we got sleep cycles in our genes that go back to our primitive ancestors, to make sure we aren´t helpless for too long to lions ..
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK My skin was a mess until I started washing and moisturizing. Whether or not any of the other stuff is useful, I'd be have terrible skin if I didn't wash it regularly with a good cleanser. we were talking about keeping skin young not about getting out of puberty ..
Quote: Originally Posted by apocalypse later Exercise. Drink water. Don't smoke or eat like shit. Do yourself a favor and forget all that bullshit you posted. signed and adding: sleep well, use only water to wash your face, shave with a razor ..
wow, it even deleted your post count. you better shoot your screen with a gun!
people who don´t watch them see films just as timekiller. they could wank off during that time as well ..
he´s got a flat "tail" ..
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 yes, it's all a lie. no, it´s all true ..
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