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I'm a human, and I love my body the way it is. period.
but how can someone live 6 weeks with 18 broken ribs too proud too see a doc, too stubborn too seek help? how can people be that stubborn? is that a sign of true love or true hate? Quote: Man fatally squashes wife BERLIN - A GERMAN appeals court overturned on Monday a five-year jail sentence for an obese bus driver who fatally squashed his wife by falling on her during a row. The court in Hildesheim near Hanover decided the 52-year-old man, who weighs more than 20 stone (130 kilos, 280 pounds), was...
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Just get the cheapest. ockham is always a good advice ..
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 One day, styleforum will kill someone or vice versa ..
george micheal - the best of
hollywood is dead, face it. next year there will be a remake of "the warriors". I guess I will never watch tv, video or cinema again ..
no poll?
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Post a pic. plz dont
there are many blonde girls in japanese tv. I need 30 minutes, if I run before I take a shower it's 1 hour altogether ..
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