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I skim your threads because bold underlined text in all caps has less content than personal attacks.
Do you ever deliver content or prove what you say? If you can't back up your claims, say welcome to my ignore list.
No need, the fat chicks are there for that ..the women spoke out for women, the judge spoke out for men ..
Reminds me of the black judge who ordered all white layers out of his courtroom on Thursday : http://youtu.be/U6MpiqZI1cY Because the 54% African American of the population of Atlanta are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary. http://www.atlantapd.org/pdf/uniform-crime-reports/62285EE4-9372-4F3B-A0F0-8F8917E69A4B.pdf Get this fixed first?
we should give Greece back to the osmans ..
http://www.aftenposten.no/nyheter/iriks/article4073714.ece#.T6D6bijQFnMAs a result of this, like I said, the junior partner in the Norwegian government (SV - Socialist Left Party) only agreed to help NATO forces in Libya if they apply the same to Israel.http://www.dagbladet.no/2009/04/01/nyheter/jodehat/israel/5560640/The SV became famous because they took part in an anti-Israel demonstration in Oslo where people shouted "Død over jødene" (death to the...
No I just used the meme of KONY2012. The charity goes by the name 'Changing Faces'.
Norway When western nations agreed to bomb Libya, the socialists In Norway only passed the law provided that Norway bombs Israel if they fly air raids on Gaza. The janitor of the socialist's youth camp on the island Utøya was a palestinian Terrorist in the 70's. The day before the massacre the teens should have met one of the ministers and prepared posters for a free "palestine". When the massacre took place, many teens thought this was a simulation about daily lifes in...
can't we round them up and drive over them another time?
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