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No. But when humans awake after sleep there is a similar hierarchy of what they are able to perceive and understand.
Call apartheid a minority championship and you don't have to beat them, GENIUS!
anything you can contribute to the topic with your knowledge? If not, see you ..
Yawn, when people have not much to say they throw dirt and feel like a winner. I have seen similar in the zoo from chimpanzees. I'm so free of any religion or belief the word atheist is an insult to me ..
Fixed.And anyone saying the Jews betrayed muslims in any way is closer to terrorists than to civilisation.His father died 6 months before he was born and she died before he had his "enlightening". She was said to have a shone on her forehead, but as he only copied from the Jews and Christians while he had contradicted himself if Jesus had not been son of God but he, her existence was meaningless.
Right,because the Jewish people were never nomads and lived exclusively in Israel from the beginning. The only nomads EVER who had pigs lived in china in tropical regions.Your post is so much better.Because she died when her son was six and therefor died as a pagan. And Jesus according to muslim belief was not son of allah nor died he on a cross or resurrected.The earliest version was burned and replaced by a version only witnesses of his words had approven, just 200 years...
Actually you can be pretty sure they didn't eat pork, because pigs mostly nuzzle up their food which is devastating in desert regions.
Wow you got many contacts with wahabi or islamists? Seriously, don't use the "truth" of islam if anyone should take you serious. Just have a look at the link I posted on the first page ..
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/how-islamic-inventors-changed-the-world-469452.htmland british newspapers obviously ..
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