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who is the redhead btw?
Sorry, no Catcher in the Rye ..
Actually Asian nomads mixed, the eyes are another proof ..
Oh I see, black people suffer from the curse of Ham, right? There is no test that black people have less sunburn or even skin cancer when exposed to the sun without protection compared to white people, correct?There are 4 types of noses the human species has, long noses, short noses, wide noses and hooked nose. And they all exist because of physics.long nose - cold areas to increase the temperature of the airshort nose - windy areas to increase sightwide nose - warm areas...
from the comments at yahoo:
Look dude, when I use the words "that without civilization", your hint about vestiges of the past is the most useless point you can make, alright?
Uhm, are you serious? You DO know that without civilization EVERY phenotype meant a huge advance?Just one little example, the epicantric fold of Asians was a perfect adaption for the windy treeless steppes. And guess what, the "short nose" (remember, one racist insult the Asians have for whites is "long noses") prevents turbulences which means BOTH eyes can provide 180° sight in any direction during strong winds. THIS, had a very decisive influence on probability of...
That's like saying the DoDo never existed because you never saw it. There is no question about the theory of evolution just because not every bone has been found. And for your further education:
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