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not to forget the daily abductions of coptic women ..
We should dance at the Jefferson memorial to protest ..
You got 53 posts and can write in a subforum that requires at least 100?To answer your question Megaupload made up 4% of the whole internet traffic on some days. This means showing one ad equals to 150.000$ profit per day. There were 4 to 6 ads per download. And your suggestions to end piracy are from the 80s of last century, we already have this ..
the arrest of Kim Schmitz was indeed worth a film, they had to cut him out of his panic room ..
does it include retirement pays?
same with guns, drugs and speed limits ..so it's official, google will protest:http://news.cnet.com/8301-31001_3-57360223-261/google-will-protest-sopa-using-popular-home-page/?part=rss&subj=latest-news&tag=title
there is a chance Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, eBay, PayPal, AOL, Foursquare, IAC, LinkedIn, Mozilla, OpenDNS and Zynga will do the same tomorrow: http://www.ghacks.net/2011/12/30/internet-giants-consider-sopa-strike/
lol puzzle solved. It turns out the crew was from the island therefor the ship changed it's route so they could wave to their families at the coast ..
so a rock tears up fifty meters on one side of the ship and it falls to the other side?
are you comparing them to anarchy or ochlocraty?
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