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on sunday I may play my first games after the beta, is there still a hole in steppes of war? you could hide a stalker at the lower corner of the ramp to the 2nd exe of the right player ..
burlesque dancers, dragons, nazis and samurais with gatling guns in one movie?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackpool the mass of an ass is basically either muscle, fat or flesh what you think flesh is made of?
prove me wrong ..
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Yeah somehow I doubt this is true 100% of the time, or only for Northern Europeans. The Northern European vaginas I have been inside have not been significantly looser than their oriental counterparts. the vaginas were made of hip bones? learn to read redneck ..
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Huh? Explain. cesarean. guess what, the baby's head is too big for the hip bone ..
this reminds me of the fact that asian woman can't give natural birth when the father is from north europe ..
looks like one of those old kirk douglas or burt lancaster movies ..
play the metal slug, that was fun. but seriously, who needs a lan mode when you find your friends much better via
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