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If you don't take your time to reply separated, why should I?Your distraction to other islands is just trolling, I was speaking of long time uninhabited Scottish islands and you come up with long time inhabited channel islands. And as apparently your short time memory is too small to take part in a discussion I will end here. I have no idea why you bring up the French as legal owner when I already cited that France gave the Malvinas to Spain and therefor Argentina became...
Let's say some Scandinavians would start living on a Scottish island that hasn't been populated for 500 years, and there are hundreds of those islands, what if this was closer to the cochonnet oil fields in the northern sea, are 5.000 squatters enough to change territory?We are speaking of 10 wrongs on the Empire side, and an US American ship ..You are one goose step from Goodwin ..And i don't think the Empire bought the Malvinas, a comparison to Alaska is...
Interesting, you forgot you already posted a thread about a previous incident and when I called the islands Las Malvinas you said you would put me on your ignore list because you were outraged.History:After the independence of Argentina from Spain the Islands were legal property of Argentina.But wait, let's have a look at the ethnicity of the first settlers in the colony, the Kelpers:Most of these and their successors were expelled or murdered.To sum it all up and not to...
You forgot history. Ethnicity is the only way you obviously regard ..
Just for clarification, do these payments include defence?
There are not many countries who didn't, it just wasn't official.But I think the Las Malvinas should be part of Argentine by common sense.
Racist question got a racist answer. Move on, nothing to see here ..
This,is crap. Then people could go to jail when they forgot the password. I think you still haven't figured this is one step below torture, but I guess a country that likes water boarding ..
Well, actually that's pretty easy. The encryption is most times not higher than 128 bits because otherwise the throughput of the hard drive would be beyond any efficiency scale. Then, newer RAM has better capacities to store energy, so you don't even have to freeze it but can just put it into another computer after usage. Because there are not many cryption tools which only process in the register. Once we have quantum computers any encryption will be brute forced in...
New Posts  All Forums: