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Quote: Originally Posted by hizen ... Hi dudes! That's the way I like 'em! pretty sure you are a pathetic spammer, not going to click crap ..
the last sc1 tournament right now: this got me breathless with a red head .. google wave is dead ..
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me too ..
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Cold sweat, waves of nausea, near-death experience, moments of pure bliss, then more horror. I know how it goes. sounds like you ate some chili like naga dorset ..
Quote: Originally Posted by ama You think people read the random links in these treads? I dont even expect them to read at all. but the link provides a very logic insight, if you use any sort of drugs to sleep there is a higher chance of a thrombosis in your blood because you dont move in your sleep when using sleeping pills to get comatose. there is a reason why you get socks on long flights to take your shoes off. if you dont move for...
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon Quote: Originally Posted by JTK I took Ambien on a flight to Tokyo from LA last year, and it worked like a charm! Had no memory of falling asleep, and woke up very refreshed. Only problem was that it was my first time flying biz class on American Airlines, and I didn't want to sleep that experience away. Knowing that I had to hit the ground running...
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