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do they still burn widows?
IMO it's too cheap for the humanities ..
There is a difference between immigration into an established nation because of money and migration of people because of climate change or other natural reasons. The world is not a sphere with room temperature and food dispensers everywhere, that's where religious people think they come from ..
No, but the radiation is at a very high level, just think of a cosmic Tsunami hitting the sun, we should turn it off ..
Chinese Television is showing a series about everyday cooking, luckily someone made English subtitles: The Gift of Nature The Story of Staple Food Other parts without subtitles yet but with great pictures can be found in the channel. Inspiration of Conversion The Taste of Time Secret of the Kitchen Five flavours in harmony Our farmland
And the biggest joke today is the ban of giving bibles during the Olympics because the Bible Society is not a sponsor. But the Quran is allowed ..
that's the point.
Funny, not one report from the BBC when thousands of white British girls get attacked, raped, captured or groomed - but when it happens to a Sikh girl ..
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