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Sergio Ramos always reminds me of Val Kilmer ..
worst referee ever ..
Chinese Television is showing a series about everyday cooking, luckily someone made English subtitles: The Gift of Nature The Story of Staple Food Other parts without subtitles yet but with great pictures can be found in the channel. Inspiration of Conversion The Taste of Time Secret of the Kitchen Five flavours in harmony Our farmland
that's the point.
I use my GUNNAR even for driving. The producer of The Day of the Tentacle and the producer of Maniac Mansion decided to make a new adventure game and used kickstarter to get funded. Asking for 400.000$ they already got 1.200.000$!
If anyone wants to join the beta for Hawken: Use this link:
anyone in the tribes ascend beta? 1. Big Company Bureaucracy. 2. Failing to Find a Project for the Talent that Ignites Their Passion. 3. Poor Annual Performance Reviews. 4. No Discussion around Career Development. 5. Shifting Whims/Strategic Priorities. 6. Lack of Accountability and/or telling them how to do their Jobs. 7. Top Talent likes other Top Talent. 8. The Missing Vision Thing. 9....
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