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Hey Guys, I'm a long time buyer first time seller. Hopefully people who I've purchased from can vouch for me. Just did a quick run to my local consignment store and found some staple Tom Ford stuff w/ NO red marks or cuts on the tag. I found two solid navy suits, *edit* it's actually a 3 roll 2, dual vent, notch lapel, pick stitching all around, flat front pants. Sizes are 38s and 42R; tag says Base "B". *note* sleeves are surgeon cuffs with buttons sewn on. ...
PM Sent.
Man I really want that trench. I tried it on Spring 2008 in San Francisco and it was frickin awesome. It was a BB2 though and it fit me perfectly w/ only a t-shirt. BB3 might go perfect with a sweater or coat... but I think the BB4 might be too big... = /
Are those SEXDBXS09 gonna shrink anymore in the waist? I'm TTS 32. Wondering if those would work or if I should size down.
PM'd for #'s 8 & 12.
Nice shirts. Can you comment on how they compare in fit and cut to Black Fleece stuff. I bulked up a bit recently and haven't had a chance to get my chest measured, but I have a couple BBBF shirts to compare.
PM Sent for #4: Corgi w/ pink stripes.
Interested in the Corgis. What shoe size does a large fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah why not redwing GT ? Just wanted something different that's all. I was looking for something with a thick vibram-like sole too. And something that would be waterproof. But something that still looked good IMO. Thanks again for all the feedback. I'll keep an eye out for something else.
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