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I am aware of opportunity cost, putting more hours in one thing you face a trade-off of putting less in another. But I don't agree in this case, here's why. 1) Plenty of evidence shows that going for a low-carb diet will help dramatically with weight. Most trainers/researchers admit that diet plays a very significant role. 2) Being fat is correlated with a lot of diseases, which especially in the U.S. cost a lot in terms of drugs/doctors visit/surgeries and essentially...
I remember using the Crest's Whitestripes in the past, my teeth hurt a lot, I guess they were too sensitive. I was drinking shitloads of Coke all the time, but since I stopped and never missing a brush my teeth have improved and whitened a lot. So the first step is pretty much dropping the caffeine.
Eat right. Sleep. Exercise. No stress. I've been researching this shit for months and I have a lot to contribute. First of all, cut all sugary stuff, basically go low carb. Adopt a lot of meat, fish, eggs, poultry, vegetables, moderate amount of fruit. Forget about vegetable oils, cut out alcohol, possible allergens, any processed food. Basically eat home made food and stuff that you don't have to right down 100 ingredients to say what you're eating....
This is doing wonders for abs. I currently have an 8 pack. And I attribute this mostly to this exercise. It's insane! Renegade row. Look it up!
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 A fast car is one of life's best anti-depressants. Nothing like a wide open on-ramp or a drive through the mountains after a long week. Absolutely true.
It's an okay movie, definitely not number one in my opinion.
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