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Champions League final drops...
More drops.
Additional drops on the shoes.
Belt sold. Drops on the shoes.
For sale: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in dark brown, 13D, 13 1/4 '' long, 4 3/8 '' at widest point, worn once or twice outside - SOLD Allen Edmonds Hale in chili, 13D, 13 5/8 '' long, 4 5/8'' at widest point, worn once or twice outside, there is a small scuff at the toe that should polish out (see pic) -...
Quote: Originally Posted by justsayno how much is this program? I've purchased two MTM Caruso suits from Sid. Obviously, prices are going to fluctuate with choice of fabric, but my two suits were around $2,200 each (110-120's, two pairs of trousers). Highly recommended.
I'd submit that Crockett's treatise above is the definitive response to the "I just got a job on Wall Street, what do I do?" post. Nice work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sixth_Sense Hey guys, I recently graduated from college, and I am starting my finance career in Manhattan in a week. I will be moving to the city this Saturday and I am finding the experience rather overwhelming. Anyway, I am 5'11'' and 150ish lbs. Given this, I will need suits that have a slim fit. Given my build, people, so far, have recommended the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald brand. However, isn't this brand a...
If you're going to pose like that, you really do need to have Optimus Prime watching your back. Good stuff.
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