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Has anyone had experience with J Panther? Interested in their courier ruc case. Have sent an email and asked a q thru Twitter but no response. Have a 6" Glaser deal bag which I really like but just don't carry that much anymore. Looking for something slimmer.
Hi all, I have for sale a 6" custom Glaser Designs Deal Bag in hand burnished espresso leather for sale. I used it lightly since I purchased it in April of 2009 - but I did travel with it so there are some light marks. Overall, it's in very good condition. With the bag comes (1) large Glaser cord organizer, a black leather and sailcloth Glaser flapover folderholder (legal size), and a panel organizer with 2 large and 2 small holsters and 2 pen holders.
Hi, For sale is my 5 year old Arc'Teryx Theta jacket, extra large. I have rarely worn this jacket as I bought it and realized it was too large after awhile (my wife bought me a very large mid layer to go underneath it and the XL was all that fit it). So, I used a Marmot for long time and recently bought another Arc'Teryx jacket in the right size so this one needs to go. The jacket is in excellent shape and has great water repellency and breathability and looks very new...
Let's say you are having a mid-life crisis and can't afford a third, fun, fast, car and have always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle. After lessons, what would make a good first motorcycle for someone? Seriously considering it and looking for helpful ideas on first bikes. thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Dynaudio is OK, but not in the same league as Revel, but one must make compromises. --Andre I completely disagree. Dynaudio at the same price point blows away Revels. But audio is subjective of course. Not saying Revel are bad, in fact that are great speakers, but Dynaudio has a better overall sound when compared at the same price point. I have heard several of each brand at multiple price points.
I have a 2002 325i with 76k miles on it (mostly my wife's car and she works from home, hence the low mileage). I have had very few problems - mostly a couple of electrical issues with the tail lights which was an easy fix. Great car - replaced tires and battery and had regular maintenance and that's it. Still feels great to drive though of course it lacks the power of the newer cars. I have found it to be highly reliable and fun to drive. Not as much fun as the e46...
I'm a big fan of Dynaudio - I have the Contour S3.4 towers and love them. I bought them new in 2003 and have not grown tired of them. I know you stated the you are looking for towers but just for the heck of it do yourself a favor and try out the Dynaudio C1 if you can. It's an incredible speaker and you won't miss not having a tower. You can find them used in between $4-5k (try New they are around $9k I think. I heard them years ago and I still...
I use this one from Makr. Have had it about a year and still looks great. Not very professional looking but I like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by pauliec Tag Heuer "Steve McQueen" Monaco GREAT watch - congrats! The vintage Heuer Monacos go for a pretty penny - definitely a grail watch. The vintage Heuer watches in general are classic watches. I have an Autavia Viceroy which sees a lot of wrist time.
Versace Eau Fraiche - a gift from my wife. Very pleasant, light scent. Yesterday was Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme.
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