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Most useful in business sense for next 30 years: 1) Chinese 2) Spanish 3) Arabic
Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson The article's a little murky on the numbers. They cite 2.0 - 2.5 x markup from "cost" to "retail". I don't see how you get there from $56.06 to $310, as in this example. Still a good read. Thanks for posting, RKD! Those numbers would make sense if they meant to write from "wholesale cost" (from retailer's perspective) to "retail sale price".
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Doesn't the parenthetical "excluding overhead" (assuming "overhead" also includes every other conceivable cost the company has) render this arithmetic calculation completely fucking meaningless? Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson Subtotal of Materials, Trim, Labor, and Waste. I see. Thanks. Poor job of visually presenting line items/totals.
What is "raw garment" cost? Materials were already covered above.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Would failsackinatlanta be acceptable? Oooooooo! Or what about Failsack in Atlanta? Does failsackinatlanta get your approval? Oh Failsackina...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson You are only allowed to change your username to one of the following options EdinaTlanta Edina Tlanta Failsackinatlanta This is why I <3 you.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta click this on the left of the post: Also, can I change my username? No way, dude.
So....does he actually drive any of these?
Will shaving my peen make it look skinnier?? I want to shave it for my baby girl but I don't want her 2 think I am a pindick.
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