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Cool - attached is a photo with the shirt buttoned. Yeah, so, it does seem visually OK, but the feel is off. The sides and back of the colar don't feel secure against my neck when the top button is unbuttoned. It's quite possible I'm just being incredibly neurotic here as I want my first bespoke shirt to be perfect.
Looking for an assist on diagnosing a collar problem. I had this shirt custom made, washed it once, and looking at it now there is something about the collar that doesn't seem right. Photo attached. The feel is off - you can see a slight gap on the left and generally the opening feels too "loose". Though when buttoned, the neck is the correct size. Is it the collar length? Yoke too narrow so the collar is being pulled out? Something else? Much appreciated!
I've been on a long search for a pair of semi-casual black boots that have a more slim profile. So, no chunky work boots or even the classics like Indy boots. Chelea boots are the right idea, but I want something with a bit of detailing (cap toe, broguing, etc). Closest I've found so far was these from Prada: But I question the quality. Anyone have other similar suggestions? Appreciated!
Purchased some Opening Ceremony shoes similar to these a while back: I like the style, but the quality was poor so they're not holding up well. I'm a smaller dude so I like the lean-ness of this shoe, also the level of dressy-ness. Any recommendations for something similar that will last? Thanks!
Yes, they run true to size. I generally wear a size 9 and these fit me well.
I've got a brand new pair of white canvas SeaVees Pantone sneakers. I got them online from J. Crew (now totally sold out in this color), tried them on in my carpeted living room, but they haven't been worn otherwise. Size is Men's US 9. Purchased for $115, selling for $80 + shipping. Pictures below, and more here: J. Crew page (no longer with photos since the shoes are sold...
I recently saw a guy with a black down "puffer" style coat (though not too puffy) with red plaid on the shoulders and the top of the chest. You know, this red plaid: On the arm was a quarter-sized brown leather patch that looked like it had a buffalo on it, though I can't be sure. Anyone know the brand and/or the coat I'm describing? The guy jetted away before I could ask him. Thanks!
Bump - price dropped to $150.
Got a great pair of Iron Heart 461s. Waist 29", inseam chainstitch hemmed at Self Edge to 32". Very gently worn and still unwashed so ready for your own shaping/soaking regimen. These jeans are in fantastic condition. Retail is $295, I'm asking $175 or good offer. Payment via PayPal, ships via USPS Priority to US and Canada. Feedback on eBay (username esingley). More fit details...
So, considering getting these: I like them, but am not sure what I'd wear them with. What do people think of them in general? What would you pair them with? Input appreciated! Thanks!
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