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Thanks both of those look great.
Looks pretty awesome but a little pricey. Cheapest room I saw for our dates was 1100 a night. I was hoping to keep it around 300 a night. Any ideas for that price?
Napa, I believe it is at V. Sattui
Wife and I are headed there in August for a wedding and looking for a cool, relaxing place to stay. Anything from B&B to House to Hotel. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser If the firm is based in NYC, and you have an eye on making partner, staying in NYC can be advantageous. I can't think of any other major upside. Thanks for the input. Firm is not based in NYC and I would be moving to the home office.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 These two statements seem rather contradictory to me Why do you love it then if you don't take advantage of it? NYC is expensive - some people think the life is worth the price, some don't. Just like with everything that is expensive, or that simply has a price. No one but you can tell if it's worth $1800 a month or not. Well, I've loved it when I have free time which does occur on occasion with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Is the work you're doing concentrated in NYC? When I worked for a law firm, I worked with lawyers in other offices, but I'm sure that NYC had most of the corporate/M&A work. No, not really. There probably wouldn't be any difference in the type of work I do whether I am in NYC or the other city.
Quote: Originally Posted by Antonio Centeno It depends on what you want out of life - $1,800 a month is small change if you make enough connections in a year or two to allow you to work anywhere and reach back and call on your NYC network. However, if you're not taking advantage of it and simply working crazy hours and not meeting anyone, get the hell out. That was kind of my initial thinking but as it turns out most of the contacts I am...
I could also add I would be working for the exact same firm in the new city.
I was curious as to how beneficial people thought it was to gain legal experience in NYC? I'm currently a 1st year associate at a large law firm and am starting to wonder if it is really worth it to live here considering my salary would be exactly the same but since I wouldn't have city or state taxes my take-home pay would be about $1800 more a month. I absolutely love living in NYC and don't really care for where I am thinking about moving to but the amount I work...
New Posts  All Forums: